Peer update

The last month has been busy, and we’re happy to be able to share with you new peers on our Australian peering points.

NSW-IX is going strong, since the last post we have added 8 more peers to the IX;

  • CNT Corp (AS132848)
  • HarbourISP (AS55923)
  • VMVault (AS56294)
  • Jabbawoki (AS24457)
  • Vertiro (AS63922)
  • FocusNet (AS58408)
  • Red Dog (AS133548)
  • Compass Communications (AS9245)

QLD-IX we have added;

  • VMVault (AS56294)
  • GTCNetworking (AS58929)

and on VIC-IX;

  • Over the Wire (AS9268)
  • Comvergence (AS45269)
  • Skymesh (AS7477)

We would like to welcome new Peers to IX Australia! If anyone is interested in establishing a bi-lateral with these participants please look for their peeringdb page. If they do not have one drop us an email and we will be sure to help you in getting in touch with them!


PO Box 8700, Perth Business Centre, Perth, WA 6849 AUSTRALIA

1300 653 132