Monthly Peering Update

This month we have seen a number of new peers join the IX Australia Family and some existing peers take up Extended Reach peering services! We would like to welcome the following new peers.

On NSW-IX we have;

  • 3Play (AS56182)
  • Genisyst (AS17535)
  • VPN Solutions (AS23762)
  • Origin Net (AS133403)

On VIC-IX we have;

On QLD-IX we have;

On ACT-IX we have;

As always, if you would like to set up a bilateral agreement with any of these peers – please check out their peeringdb entry, or contact us if you’d like an introduction.

Happy Birthday WA-IX

This day 18 years ago The Western Australian Internet Exchange connected its first two peers.  If you would like to get a bit nostalgic you can read a usenet post here from Michael Malone;

18 years is a long time and we would like to thank all our Members that have stuck with us over the years. Without you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today, operating Australia’s largest Not-For-Profit Internet Exchange Points!





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