NSW-IX hits 130 Peers!

Recently we reached 130 Unique peers on NSW-IX hurrah!  We would like to welcome all the new peers that have connected over the last month that we have yet to mention on the blog. (Sorry for delay guys!)

In additional to new NSW-IX Peers we also have a few new peers on the other Fabrics;

On VIC-IX we have;

Links to peeringdb.com provided above, if they are not on peeringdb and you wish to contact them please email us peering@ix.asn.au and we will help you get in touch.

New Peers, New Month

Last month was a busy and hopefully this month will be too! We saw a few more peers join the IX and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them aboard!

Broadband Solutions (AS45780)
– Cirrus Networks (AS134119)

Edgecast (AS15133)
Cachefly (AS30081)

Last but certainly not least;

Twitter (AS13414)

Clicking on the peer above will take you to their peeringdb page.

Welcome aboard!



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