IAA supports the launch of NZ Internet Exchange Inc as foundation member

“Following the overwhelming success of the Auckland Internet Exchange (AKL-IX) trial conducted by the Internet Association of Australia (IAA), operators of IX Australia, we are pleased to announce the launch of the New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated (NZIX Inc),” said Chairman Davey Goode.

“Through the support of the team at IAA we have developed a member governed, neutral peering exchange which will provide easier and more cost effective interconnects for the internet community of New Zealand.

“Moving forward the NZIX Inc committee will take on overseeing the management and growth of the exchange with the ongoing support of IAA.”

“As a founding member of NZ-IX Inc we are committed to providing ongoing support to the exchange growth,” said IAA President Tom Berryman. “The development of an independent and neutral peering exchange in New Zealand benefits the internet community in the region by introducing more peering options and services, as well as our existing membership and peering base at home in Australia.”

The AKL-IX exchange has been in a trial period for 12 months, and the exchange will commence charging for services from 1 July 2016.

We are now inviting all our current peers to sign up as members of NZIX Inc by visiting https://portal.akl-ix.nz/ and ordering the required port size, 1GB or 10GB, both sizes will be charged at $350 NZD per month (excluding GST).

NZIX looks forward to the support of our existing peers, and welcomes new peers to contact us to join.

For further information please contact peering@akl-ix.nz or visit www.akl-ix.nz

New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated Foundation Members

CloudFlare, Inc
Connectivity I.T.
Full Flavour Ltd
Inspire Net Ltd
Lightwire Limited
Vibe Communications LTD
Vocus Pty Ltd
Internet Association of Australia Inc.

New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated Committee Members

Davey Goode, Vibe Communications LTD (Chairman)
Joseph Wooller, Internet Association of Australia Inc. (Secretary)
Petar Nikolich, Internet Association of Australia Inc.(Treasurer)
Chris Browning, Lightwire Limited
Dave Mill, Inspire Net Ltd
Tom Paseka, CloudFlare, Inc

IAA and AXONVX deliver WA’s first direct connection to Microsoft ExpressRoute for Office 365

The Internet Association of Australia (IAA) and NEXTDC, Australia’s leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service provider, are proud to announce the successful launch of our Microsoft ExpressRoute VLL service on the AXONVX virtual exchange.

With this launch, on Friday February 26th 2016 IAA successfully delivered the first ExpressRoute service to a Perth location from Microsoft via AXONVX. This is the first ExpressRoute service to go live in WA.

NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie said “As a carrier and service-provider neutral platform AXONVX is free to facilitate any kind of connectivity service, and by partnering with the not-for-profit peering exchange IX Australia we have delivered Western Australia’s first direct connection to Microsoft ExpressRoute for Office 365, and demonstrated our organisations’ commitment to delivering the benefits of neutrality to the market.”

“As a member driven association IAA strive to provide any services which support our members and the Internet as a whole in Australia,” said Association President, Tom Berryman. “Developing meaningful partnerships within the industry are essential to the Association’s goals, and we are pleased to be working with NEXTDC and AXONVX to deliver Microsoft ExpressRoute for Office 365, and look forward to working with new partners in this space”.

“Microsoft ExpressRoute services are available to all NEXTDC customers and to IAA members with paid peering services on IX Australia exchanges,” said IX Australia Technical manager Joe Wooller. “AXONVX and IX Australia are offering a period of free, reciprocal access to each other’s networks.”

NEXTDC is offering partners six-months free connection to AXONVX for a limited time.

In January, Association members supported a name change from the Western Australian Internet Association, to the Internet Association of Australia, reflecting the Association’s growth to represent a more national membership.

“As providers of Australia’s only not-for-profit and carrier natural Internet peering exchange, IX Australia, the Association will continue to provide quality services to our members,” said Berryman.

“The IAA Executive remains committed to developing projects that support both members’ needs and the Internet community.”

The Association welcomes any interested parties to contact us to discuss possible partnerships or projects by phoning 1300 652 132 or emailing info@internet.asn.au


PO Box 8700, Perth Business Centre, Perth, WA 6849 AUSTRALIA

1300 653 132 peering@ix.asn.au