NSW-IX Reaches 175 Peers

June 23, 2016

It’s just about the end of the (financial) year and it’s time to celebrate!

We’d like to welcome the following new networks who have joined over the last few months.
Thanks to these new members, NSW-IX now boasts over 175 unique peers! (A new record)

Aussie.net (AS7175)
Ace (AS55354)
ACSData (AS18119)
Cynergic (AS18405)
ebay (AS62955)
EP2 Payments (AS64044)
Fastly (AS54113)
Hillsong (AS132330)
IP Transit (AS64098)
Linkedin (AS14413)
Mammoth Media (AS133159)
Micron21 (AS38880)
Probax (AS133863)
Sommerville (AS38858)
TechPath (AS58868)
Telecom Malaysia (AS4788)
X Integration (AS134090)
Yless4u (AS45447)

Looking for bilateral sessions over the IX? Use the links to PeeringDB links (we’re now a proud sponsor!) to reach out to participants.

Or better yet, why not catch up in person? We’re holding events across the country in July – watch this space!


PO Box 8700, Perth Business Centre, Perth, WA 6849 AUSTRALIA

1300 653 132 peering@ix.asn.au