Expansion in SA-IX Peering Points

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The Internet Association of Australia Inc (IAA) is pleased to announce the continued growth of the network with new Points of Presence (PoP) launching in South Australia. Two peering points have been lit up on SA-IX in YourDC, Hawthorn and Edinburgh Parks, bringing the network to 31 PoPs nationally.

SA-IX is a carrier-neutral peering exchange service, launched in February 2013, and is part of the highly successful IX Australia network. IX Australia has peering exchanges in Western Australia (WA-IX), New South Wales (NSW-IX), Victoria (VIC-IX), Queensland (QLD-IX) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT-IX).

“The introduction of two new PoPs at YourDC provides our members with greater options for their peering needs in South Australia.” said IX Australia Technical Manager, Joe Wooller. “We now have seven connection points available in South Australia making it easier for our existing and potential members to leverage our services.”

“YourDC facilities provide some of the best data centre services and facilities in South Australia and will prove to be a valuable location for IX Australia’s 30th and 31st PoPs. We are pleased to be partnering with the team at YourDC.”

“SA-IX is a valuable part of YourDC’s peering fabric. It connects our customers easily and at fast speeds to more than twenty data centres and hundreds of providers operating on the network,” said YourDC CEO, Scott Hicks. “We are looking forward to building this strategic relationship with IX Australia.”

IAA provides SA-IX peering at no cost to our members who are currently peering on another IX Australia fabric, in a deal similar to members on ACT-IX. The Association strives to provide value to our members and we’re always looking to expand services to benefit our members.

Any ISPs, WISPs or enterprises located in South Australia are invited to reach out to YourDC and IX Australia to discuss the benefits of the services available on SA-IX.

For further information on peering with SA-IX or any IX Australia peering points please contact IX Australia Technical Manager, Joe Wooller, on 1300 653 132 or peering@ix.asn.au or visit www.ix.asn.au.

IX Australia Renews PeeringDB Sponsorship

We are very pleased to announce that IX Australia has renewed our sponsorship of the PeeringDB project for another year! IX Australia supports this project as we believe the database and API functionality is invaluable to our members. Having a reliable source of peering, PoP and interconnection data is incredibly important for designing, building and operating moderns network. We highly encourage members to keep their records current as this will allow other networks to query your details and make the process of organising bilateral peering as smooth as possible.


Additional Information

Members can sign up for an account at https://www.peeringdb.com or browse the API documentation at https://www.peeringdb.com/apidocs/.


New Peers to SA-IX in Colocity

Having recently expanded SA-IX to include Colocity in our list of PoPs, IX Australia would like to welcome Caznet (AS135425) and CopyWorld IT (AS135431) onto the fabric. Caznet and CopyWorld IT are the first peers to connect in Colocity and we’re greatly looking forward to welcoming many more!

We are invested in making SA-IX as successful as all other peering points and we encourage ISPs, MSPs, WISPs, small, medium and even large enterprises to reach out to us and discover more about our services in Adelaide.




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1300 653 132 peering@ix.asn.au