NSW-IX Hits 200Gbit!

The team at IX Australia are pleased to announce that on the evening of 12th of April we hit a milestone traffic volume of 201Gbit/sec. The last 14 months have seen the fabric double it’s throughput having only hit 100Gbit/sec for the first time on 16th Feb 2017, only 419 days prior.     As the […]

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VIC-IX Hits 100Gbit

We are pleased to announce that at around 21:30 AEST VIC-IX hit 102.1 Gbit/sec total aggregate throughput. This is a major milestone for VIC-IX having shown tremendous growth over the past 12 months. We have seen a huge change in the uptake in peers and content providers on the fabric providing more value to our […]

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NSW-IX Welcomes Hurricane Electric (AS6939)

We would like to welcome Hurricane Electric (AS6939) onto NSW-IX who bring with them an additional ~45,000 new IPv4 prefixes and ~22,000 IPv6 prefixes to the fabric. We have tentatively added them to RS2 ( with RS1 ( to follow shortly. Hurricane Electric has an open peering policy and welcomes bilateral peering requests. Members on NSW-IX are encouraged to […]

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IX Australia launches 40Gbps peering with amaysim

The Internet Association of Australia (IAA) are pleased to launch 40Gbps peering services on their IX Australia network. Long term member and peer amaysim are the first to light up 40Gbps services on both NSW-IX and WA-IX. “As a member driven association IAA strive to provide any services which support our members and the Internet […]

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AWS Direct Connect – Now Available in Perth

IX Australia is pleased to announce the availability of Amazon Web Services Direct Connect services in Perth. Corporate Members are entitled to 5 Free VLLs and can now use these to connect to AWS from within the WA-IX Fabric. This new availability zone expands our existing Direct Connect reach allowing members to connect to either […]

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Peering Update – New Peers & NSW-IX Hits 200!

Over the last few months we’ve been incredibly busy welcoming many new peers to the fabric. We encourage members to approach new peers and establish bilateral peering relationships where you feel a relationship would be beneficial. To facilitate this, we strongly encourage members to sign up and keep their PeeringDB pages up to date with […]

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Metrics @ IX Australia

We have recently invested a significant amount of work to re-architect and design a new platform for metrics around the IX Australia fabric. We’d like to show you where we’ve come from, the technology stack we’ve chose and what is to come. Existing Technology Stack For the past five years, we have used Cacti to […]

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Expansion in SA-IX Peering Points

Syndicated from The Internet Association of Australia Inc (IAA) is pleased to announce the continued growth of the network with new Points of Presence (PoP) launching in South Australia. Two peering points have been lit up on SA-IX in YourDC, Hawthorn and Edinburgh Parks, bringing the network to 31 PoPs nationally. SA-IX is a […]

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IX Australia Renews PeeringDB Sponsorship

We are very pleased to announce that IX Australia has renewed our sponsorship of the PeeringDB project for another year! IX Australia supports this project as we believe the database and API functionality is invaluable to our members. Having a reliable source of peering, PoP and interconnection data is incredibly important for designing, building and operating moderns […]

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New Peers to SA-IX in Colocity

Having recently expanded SA-IX to include Colocity in our list of PoPs, IX Australia would like to welcome Caznet (AS135425) and CopyWorld IT (AS135431) onto the fabric. Caznet and CopyWorld IT are the first peers to connect in Colocity and we’re greatly looking forward to welcoming many more! We are invested in making SA-IX as successful as all […]

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