Peering Pricing

As all peers must be a member of the Internet Association of Australia Inc, when selecting a plan you will be directed to the IAA signup page.

Want to start a free trial on one of our peering points? Please contact us to arrange a trial today.


1GigE Plan

$350 / month *

1 GigE
Copper or Fibre
10GigE Plan

$350 / month *

10 GigE
40GigE Plan

$1250 / month *

40 GigE (available in select locations** )
* All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST
** 40G is available in (WA-IX) NextDC P1, (NSW-IX) NextDC S1, Equinix SY1/2, (VIC-IX) NextDC M1T


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