NSW-IX Peers



AS # Provisioning
2Degrees AS23655
3Play AS56182
AARNet AS7575
ABC AS9342
Ace AS55354
ACSData AS18119
Akamai AS20940
Akamai/Prolexic AS32787
Alibaba AS45102
Amaysim AS136019
Amazon AS16509
Amcom AS9398
Anexia AS42473
Anticlockwise AS45838
Anttel AS135513
APN AS24033
AS112 Project AS112
QXTN Pty Ltd AS45665
ASE IT AS38583
ATT Global AS2687
AUS IT AS133934
Aussie.net AS7175
Barnet AS24228
Beach Head AS133616
Bendigo AS38611
Binary Networks AS55581
Bitcloud AS9280
Blizzard AS55497
Bluepackets AS23913
Broadband Solutions AS45780
Bulletproof AS17732
Cachefly AS30081
Call Plus AS4610
Campaign Monitor AS133873
Canadian Internet Registry Authority AS394354
CathEd AS23965
Caznet AS135425
CEnet AS45768
CenturyLink AS3908
ChoiceIT AS135099
Christie CoWork AS136001
Cirrus Comms AS9224
Clearstream AS58914
Clickview AS134133
Cloud Earth AS58589
Cloudflare AS13335
CMSG AS134104
ColoAU AS63956
Colocity AS9297
Comvergence AS45269
Connectivity IT AS58511
Cynergic AS18405
Data Express AS132245
Dicker Data AS133417
Digital Pacific AS55803
Dreamscape AS38719
Dropbox AS19679
DTSanz AS23958
E-Vision Networks AS38714
ebay AS62955
Edgecast AS15133
Encoo AS134555
Entrust ICT AS63850
Ergon AS24479
Escape.net AS7600
Ethan Group AS38084
Exetel AS10143
EZi-Web AS133324
Facebook AS32934
Fairfax AS38831
Fastly AS54113
Fastrack Technology AS58580
Feenix AS135069
Field Solutions Group AS63926
FireNet AS38883
FlipTV AS134711
Fluccs AS55359
FocusNet AS58408
Frontier Networks AS133333
Full Flavour AS132857
gCore AS199524
Geek AS45186
Genisyst AS17535
GNET Communications AS63931
Google AS15169
Gtelecom AS38803
HarbourISP AS134139
HarbourMSP AS18117
HarbourTEL AS136161
Highwinds AS33438
Hillsong AS132330
Host Central AS24220
Host Universal AS136557
Host Virtual AS36236
Hosted Network AS133120
Hostnetworks AS4851
Hostworks AS9667
Hurricane Electric AS6939
Hyperwave AS135406
I-Root AS8674
i3D AS49544
iiNet AS4739
Inspire AS17705
Intergrid AS133480
Intervolve AS45577
Intraceptives AS17889
IP Transit AS64098
IPv6 ISP AS45920
iSeek AS9723
ITNow AS133023
iVent AS59865
Ladbrokes AS133534
Limelight Networks AS38622
Linkedin AS14413
LogicIT AS132586
M2 AS9443
Macquarie Media AS135292
Mammoth Media AS133159
Matilda Internet AS17890
MDG IT AS58927
Micron21 AS38880
Microsoft AS8075
MNF/Symbio AS38333
MyRepublic AS9310
MyRepublic NZ AS133579
Netflix AS2906
Netregistry AS24446
NetVirtual AS132680
Nextgen AS38809
NSW Edu AS24313
O3b AS60725
Occom AS135126
On Q AS7594
OriginNet AS133403
Over the Wire AS9268
OVH AS16276
Oxygen Networks AS55765
PacketGG AS396071
PacNet AS10026
PacNet AS7543
PCH AS3856
PingCo AS58530
Pivit AS38289
Polyfone AS37933
Primowireless AS132255
Probax AS133863
Prodigy AS132895
Quantility Group AS132492
Rackcorp AS56038
Real World Technology Solutions AS45437
Red Dirt Communications AS38595
Red Dog AS133548
Riot AS6507
Sabervox AS133326
Secuirty Shift Cloud AS7551
Servcorp AS17978
Servers Australia AS45671
Service Elements AS45763
Shoretel AS58980
Simtronic AS7490
SIS Group AS38220
Skymesh AS7477
Softlayer AS36351
Solarix AS23838
SolNode AS133749
Solution-One AS132448
Sommerville AS38858
Southern Phone AS136994
Spark AS4648
Spectrum AS17559
Stack Path AS54104
Summit Group AS132405
Superloop AS38195
Symantec AS7583
Synergy Wholesale AS45638
Tangelo AS135328
Tasmanet AS45158
Tech Project AS132894
TechPath AS58868
Telair AS135060
Telcoinabox AS45510
Telecom Malaysia AS4788
Tello AS133130
Tibra AS23731
Transgrid AS133045
Trust Power AS55850
Twitch AS46489
Twitter AS13414
UltraServe AS17920
UnitedIP AS23669
Uniti Wireless AS134067
University of QLD AS7475
Valve AS32590
Velocity AS132268
Vetta AS64073
Vibe AS45177
Virtual Datacentre AS58940
Virtutel AS24516
Vivid Wireless AS24105
VMVault AS56294
Vocus AS4826
Vodafone AS133612
Vodafone NZ AS9500
VodafoneNZ AS9500
VostroNet AS63920
Voxcom AS38790
w3networks AS132529
WAN Solutions AS134743
Websense AS7598
Webvault AS58505
Wideband AS4764
Wireline AS58507
XI AS134090
Yahoo AS17457
Zettagrid AS7604


PO Box 8700, Perth Business Centre, Perth, WA 6849 AUSTRALIA

1300 653 132 peering@ix.asn.au