QLD-IX Peers

Name AS # Provisioning
3Play AS56182
AARNet AS7575
AFT Communications AS132491
Akamai AS20940
Amaysim AS136019
Anticlockwise AS9507
Anttel AS135513
Apexn AS38195
Apnic AS4608
AUS-IT AS133934
aussie.net AS7175
Blizzard AS57976
Broadband Solutions AS45780
Centra Networks AS4647
ChoiceIT AS135099
Christie CoWork AS136001
Clearstream AS58914
Cloud Earth AS58589
Cloudflare AS13335
ColoAU AS63956
Connected Australia AS132113
Connectivity IT AS58511
Digital Sense AS45481
ECN AS9652
Ergon AS24479
Ergon AS24479
Escape AS7600
Exetel AS10143
EZ-Web AS133324
Fastly AS54113
FireNet AS38883
Flash Fibres AS134503
Frontier Networks AS133333
GSL Networks AS137409
GTCNetworking AS58929
Host Networks AS4851
Host Universal AS136557
iiNet AS4739
Internet Association of Australia AS10084
IP Transit AS64098
ISC AS23708
iSeek AS9723
ITNow AS133023
LBNCo AS45763
Mammoth Media AS133159
Managed Solutions AS23727
Matilda Internet AS17890
MelbourneIT AS7496
Microsoft AS8075
MyPort AS136972
Nextgen AS38809
On Q AS7594
On the Net AS9313
Over the Wire AS9268
PacketGG AS396071
Pacnet AS7543
PingCo AS58530
Pivit AS38289
Platinum Networks AS133328
Polyfone AS37933
RG Tech AS59368
RWTS AS45437
Servers Australia AS45671
Simtronic AS55707
Skymesh AS45920
Somerville AS38858
Spectrum AS17559
Summit Group AS132405
Tech Project AS132894
TechPath AS58868
Telair AS135060
Timeless AS45929
TPG AS7545
University of QLD AS7475
Vibe Communications AS45177
Virtutel AS24516
VMVault AS56294
Vocus AS4826
Vodafone AS133612
VostroNet AS63920
Voxcom/Spirit AS38790
Wideband AS4764
Wik Wok AS133100
Wireline AS58507
XI AS134090
Zettagrid AS7604


PO Box 8700, Perth Business Centre, Perth, WA 6849 AUSTRALIA

1300 653 132 peering@ix.asn.au