VIC-IX Peers

Name AS # Provisioning
5G Networks AS23681
AARNet AS7575
Afilias AS12041
Akamai AS20940
Akamai AS32787
Amaysim AS136019
Amazon AS16509
Amcom AS9398
Anticlockwise AS9507
Anttel AS135513
ApexN AS38195
Australia Online AS9648
Blizzard AS57976
Blue Apache AS17473
BrennanIT AS9738
Broadband Solutions AS45780
Cachefly AS30081
Christie CoWork AS136001
Cloudflare AS13335
CNT Corp AS132848
ColoAU AS63956
Colocity AS9297
Comvergence AS45269
Connectivity IT AS58511
Data Express AS132245
Day3 AS24395
DC West AS38716
Diverse IT AS45828
Dodo AS38285
Dreamscape AS38719
E-Vision AS38714
Edgecast AS15133
Encoo AS134555
Entrust ICT AS63850 AS7600
Exetel AS10143
Exigent AS58940
Fastly AS54113
Fiber Vision AS58713
FireNet AS38883
gCore AS199524
Geek AS45186
GPK Computers AS9749
GSL Networks AS137409
HarbourMSP AS18117
Host Universal AS136557
Hostcentral AS24220
Hosted Networks AS133120
Hurricane Electric AS6939
Hyperwave AS135406
iiNet AS4739
Interconnekt AS132627
Intergrid AS133480
Internet Association of Australia AS10084
Intervolve AS45577
IP Transit AS64098
iSeek AS9723
Jack Marlow AS45448
Jazmin Communications AS58534
Johlan Networks AS132126
LogicIT AS132586
Mammoth Media AS133159
Micron21 #1 AS38880
Microsoft AS8075
Netvirtue AS132680
Nextgen AS38809
Nuskope AS17907
OmniConnect AS10105
Over the Wire AS9268
PacketGG AS396071
PacNet AS7543
PingCo AS58530
Primus AS9443
Probax AS133863
RCOM AS38749
RWTS AS45437
Servers Australia AS45671
Service Elements AS45763
Simtronic AS55707
Skymesh AS7477
Softlayer AS36351
Solution-One AS132448
Somerville Group AS38858
Southern Phone AS136994
Spectrum AS17559
Stackpath AS33438
Summit Group AS132405
Superloop AS38195
Synergy Wholesale AS45638
Syra AS38719
Tasmanet AS45158
Tesserent AS133930
TrueCom AS55581
Uniti Wireless AS134067
Valve Networks AS136784
Vibe AS45177
Virtutel AS24516
Vivid Wireless AS38657
VMVault AS56294
Vocus AS4826
Vodafone AS133612
VostroNet AS63920
Voxcom AS38790
WAN Solutions AS134743
Wideband AS4764
Wireline AS58507
XI AS134090
Zettagrid AS7604


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