WA-IX Peers

Name AS # Provisioning
AARNet AS7575
Akamai AS20940
Akamai Cache AS20940
Amaysim AS136019
Amazon AS16509
Amcom AS9822
Anticlockwise AS45838
AS112 Project AS112
ATT AS2687
Basetel AS134358
BekkersIT AS7703
Bethanie AS137036
BG and E AS45500
BigAir AS24093
Blizzard AS57976
Broadband Solutions AS45780
Cachefly AS30081
Central Data AS18065
Ciphertel AS24315
Cirrus Networks AS134119
Cloudflare AS13335
ColoAU AS63956
Colocity AS9297
Community Communications AS136037
CommunityDNS AS42909
Comscenter AS55766
Connectivity IT AS58511
CorpCloud AS7628
Cynergic AS18405
Cynergic Net Solutions AS10083
DALnet AS31800
Data Express AS132245
Datacom AS9328
DC West AS135302
DC West AS38716
DCTwo AS132145
DCWest AS38716
DiversIT AS45828
E-Vision AS38714
Emerge AS17635
Emerge Internet AS137199
Escape.Net AS7600
Exetel AS10143
Fasthit AS24381
Fastly AS54113
Firenet AS38883
FocusNet AS58408
Fox Gold AS10236
GSL Networks AS137409
Host Universal AS136557
Hostaway AS24541
i-Root AS8674
iiNet AS4739
Intergrid AS133480
Internet Association of Australia AS10084
Interphone AS134980
IPTransit AS64098
Johlan AS23907
Jupiter Group AS136981
LBNCo AS45763
Logic IT AS132586
Logic Networks AS133332
Logicit AS132586
M2 AS9443
Microsoft AS8075
NEC Australia AS136518
Netlink Group AS132740
Nextgen AS38809
O3b AS60725
Orion Sat AS45603
Over the Wire AS9268
PacketGG AS396071
PCH AS3856
Pentanet AS132458
PertthIX AS9820
PingCo AS58530
Pipe Networks AS24130
Probax AS132118
RCOM AS38749
Red Dirt Communications AS38595
Reseau AS56035
Route Views AS6447
Sabervox AS133326
Satcomms AS55865
Servers Australia AS45671
ServiceNet AS17561
Skymesh AS7477
SOUL Communications AS9942
Southern Phone AS136994
Spectrum AS17559
SquareAlpha AS137575
Summit AS132405
Superloop AS38195
Swisscom AS3303
Syra AS38719
Tasmanet AS45158
Techpath AS58868
Telair AS135060
TPG AS7545
Uniscope AS133895
Verisign AS26415
Vertel AS9519
Virtutel AS24516
Vivid Wireless AS38657
VMVault AS56294
Vocus AS4826
Vodafone AS133612
Vortech AS58989
WAnet AS9745
Web in a Box AS45926
Webvault AS58505
Wideband AS4764
Wombat Servers AS133480
Woodside AS38327
X Integration AS134090
Xerces IT AS7604
Zettagrid AS136026


PO Box 8700, Perth Business Centre, Perth, WA 6849 AUSTRALIA

1300 653 132 peering@ix.asn.au