VLL Technical

VLL Connection Speed

The speed available for your VLL service are bound by your existing peering port speed.

Port Speed Available VLL Speed
1 Gbit 50 Mbit
100 Mbit
200 Mbit
500 Mbit
10 Gbit 1 Gbit
2 Gbit
3 Gbit
4 Gbit
5 Gbit

Port Configuration

For your reference, our VLL ports are configured as follows.

MAC layer IEEE 802.3-2002
UNI MTU 9100 bytes
VLAN Ethertype 0x8100
CoS level Standard
Unicast frame delivery Deliver unconditionally
Multicast frame delivery Deliver unconditionally
Broadcast frame delivery Deliver unconditionally

Layer 2 Control Tunneling

Our VLL ports are configured to discard or tunnel frames with the following protocols.

Protocol Action
PAUSE Discard
LACP Discard
Link OAM Discard
802.1x Discard
E-LMI Tunnel
LLDP Tunnel
GARP Tunnel

Peering Required

At least one of the endpoints for the VLL must be delivered via a port already in use for peering on one of our IXs nationwide.

VLAN Tagging

VLL services are terminated as native (untagged) traffic, or as a VLAN of your choice, except where other services are delivered on the same port.


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