VLL Technical

These technical details apply to both VLL and iVLL (interstate) products.

VLL Connection Speed

The speed available for your VLL service are bound by your existing peering port speed.

Port Speed Available VLL Speed
1 Gbit 50 Mbit
100 Mbit
200 Mbit
500 Mbit
10 Gbit 1 Gbit
2 Gbit
3 Gbit
4 Gbit
5 Gbit

Port Configuration

For your reference, our VLL ports are configured as follows.

MAC layer IEEE 802.3-2002
UNI MTU 9100 bytes
VLAN Ethertype 0x8100
CoS level Standard
Unicast frame delivery Deliver unconditionally
Multicast frame delivery Deliver unconditionally
Broadcast frame delivery Deliver unconditionally

Layer 2 Control Tunneling

Our VLL ports are configured to discard or tunnel frames with the following protocols.

Protocol Action
PAUSE Discard
LACP Discard
Link OAM Discard
802.1x Discard
E-LMI Tunnel
LLDP Tunnel
GARP Tunnel

Peering Required

At least one of the endpoints for the VLL must be delivered via a port already in use for peering on one of our IXs nationwide.

VLAN Tagging

VLL services are terminated as native (untagged) traffic, or as a VLAN of your choice, except where other services are delivered on the same port.


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